Malik riaz hussain and his son Ali malik riaz have truly been those two stalwarts of Pakistan, who have never backed up whilst coming for the service of humanity. Not only they have started up with numerous charitable activities in the past few years; they have already serving free food and free medical facility to a large group of masses around.

If we talk about one of their big projects in the name of International Hospital Karachi, same has grabbed some big attention from the people around the country and the globe. Besides offering some of the best medical services to a big number of patients in the hospital, they are already giving free medical care to those who cannot afford the cost of some required treatments around. On the other side, the hospital got some of the most Professional and highly qualified doctors, trained nursing and paramedic staff in order to ensure every possible support and assistance to the coming patients. Moreover, the presence of all the state of the art medical facility and most advanced medical equipments has contributed a lot in ensuring the better awareness amongst the people in the surrounding areas.

Malik Riaz Hussain

The International hospital at Bahria town has come up as the benchmark in the medical world whilst being a big relief for the people of Pakistan who were literally struggling with the absence of some basic medical facilities around. Malik riaz hussain himself has been through certain sever hardships and there was a time when he got to struggle a lot in order to raise funds for the treatment of his little daughter. That was when malik riaz hussain thought of brining the best medical services for the people of Pakistan so as they don’t ever need to struggle like him by any means. Now when he has become the 7th richest person in the country, he has made every possible effort to strengthen the current medical system. if we talk about the International hospital at Bahria town Karachi that comes equipped with some of the world class medical facility and got operated by a team of highly qualified doctors in the same process. Malik riaz strongly believes in the fact that whosoever helps the underprivileged people gets 70 fold back of the same by the almighty. Malik riaz is a firm believer of Allah and follows the learning of Quran by every sentence.