Malik riaz hussain and his son Ali ahmed riaz have come up as one of the only people in the entire Pakistan, who have always stepped up to serve to their best capacity in the common interest of Humanity. Not only they are currently a part of various charitable trusts around the country, they have made various basic services like food and free medical facility free for most of the underprivileged people around.

International Hospital Karachi, one of their key projects, has gained huge popularity amongst the common public in the recent times. Apart from offering all the state of the art medical treatment to everyone around, they are also coming up with some free treatment and services for most of the people who cannot afford all the expensive medical services. The hospital is equipped with all the basic amenities and also got some professional and highly qualified doctors, trained nursing and paramedic staff on board to provide all the required medical services and support to common people around. Additionally, the availability of all the exceptional medical services and high end treatment has further raised awareness amongst the people around to further live a healthy life in the process.

The International hospital at Bahria town can surely be termed as a dream come true for most of the people around which were struggling earlier in order to find a good health facility around. Malik riaz hussain, the brainchild of this hospital has witnessed a lot of struggles in his lifetime and there was a time when he got to sell his household goods in order to get the best treatment for his daughter. That was the time when Malik riaz pledged of bringing the best medical facilities to the country so as not to let anyone struggle like him in the future. Now that he comes over as the 7th richest person in the country, he has committed himself to the service of humanity with all his efforts and resources down the line. The International hospital at Bahria town Karachi is accommodated with all the world class medical facilities and further been managed by some of the highly qualified doctors and medical professional alongside. Malik riaz strongly believes that once you commit yourself to the service of humanity, you always get 70 fold back by the almighty in the same context. Malik riaz hussain is a firm believer of Allah and always ensured his best of his efforts to serve to its creations.